Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

Restart Blogging - now in ENGLISH

Okay... it´s time to restart my little ScrapBlog after my little break of nearly 6 month.
I stopped here, because it was only a "double"-post of my Scrapmania-post at Facebook.

Now I take the decision to make it a little bit different...

At facebook I normally post in german because most of my friends and family are german and not all of them speak english.
But this B*L*O*G is especially for all those people who loves scrapping as much as I do, or who wants to scrap as much as I do. And many many people I´ve gotten to know in the scrapping communities speak english.

So let´s go.... let me show you my pages and my stuff in english - so I will get more experience in writing english text and you get something to laugh when you see my horrible mistakes ;) - feel free to let me know them, only than I can learn it better. Okay?!? Than GO!!!

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