Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

JulyNews at GingerScraps

Yeah, I know I know: the first of July was yesterday...but if you read my last post, you saw that I did my restart TODAY - not yesterday :) But now - the specials @GingerScraps for July

Free with a purchase of only $10 you can get the amzing kit Summer Crush - great colours, full of nature. I am sure you will love it - here is my first result with this GingerbreadLadies Collection:

Free with a purchase of 10$ @GingerScraps
SummerCRUSH by GingerbreadLadies
Photo by kpmelly (2008)

And than the MONTHLY MIX - not for free, but nearly ;) Just $5,5 for a big Collab of the amazing GingerbreadLadies
For my page, I did a combination of the MonthlyMix FamilyTies with one of SeatroutScraps wonderful SnapAttackTemplates

July MonthlyMix FamilyTies by GingerbreadLadies
TemplatePack SnapAttack N 4 by SeatroutScraps
Photos by kpmelly
Last but not least: never forget the 1st of a month at GingerScraps: because it´s the START of a new DailyDownload - don´t pass any day at Gingerscraps Blog  - so you can get a wonderful new and FULL kit: 

GingerScraps BLOG - DailyDownload

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