Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

Papermasks Volume 1

Jennifer from LittleRadTrio is coming up with some cool and curvy Papermaks to create your very own style - give it a try, here comes Volume 1 of PAPERMASKS - and if you like them, I am sure there will be a great series of papermasks.

Scrapkit MissingYou by LittleRadTrio
Papermasks Vol 1 by LittleRadTrio
Photo by kpmelly (2009)

And yes, I did a second one , because of the wonderful fields of applications... here I have used it to frame a blend of a really really bad photo (my hubby shot it with my phone ;( ) in the background of my layout.
The Kit you can see here is THAT´S WHAT FRIENDS AREN´T FOR

Papermasks Vol 1 by LittleRadTrio
Scrapkit That s what friends arenT for by BlueHeartScraps
Photo by kpmelly´s GöGa 

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