Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

FreshBaked @Gingerscraps {0717}

And there is soooooooo much amazing new stuff at the FRESH-BAKED Area at Gingerscraps this are some of my layouts with my favorite new releases this week:

Templates 1-2-3-4 by DearFriendsDesign
& A-New-NORMAL by LJS-Designs

Template 1-2-3-4 by DearFriends-Design
Scrapkit A-New-Normal by LJS-Designs
Photos by kpmelly (2009)

Templates CRAZY Vol. 2 by Leaving-A-Legacy

Template Crazy Volume 2 by Leaving-A-Legacy Design
MiniKit BeatHeat by KISS
Photos by kpmelly
And - same TemplatePack CRAZY
with SEIZE THE DAY by KathrynEstry&KathyK.
(DailyDownload of June)
Template Crazy Volume 2 by Leaving-A-Legacy Design
Scrapkit SeizeTheDay by CathyK. and KathrynEstry
Photos by kpmelly
That´s what friends aren´t for by BlueHeartScraps

Scrapkit That s what friends arenT for by BlueHeartScraps
Photo by kpmelly 

Enough stuff to scrap with?!? I hope so, but  return at least next friday - I am sure we will find something new for you than.

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