Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Newest Things of Seatrout Scraps

Hi there outside! I was a little bit lazy in doing my Scrapblog - but let´s start in a fresh relaxed sunday before a new stressy week will begin.
Here are some wonderful new Scrapkits & Collection by Seatrout Scraps

and a little page around some "rosy" pictures ;)

Scrapkit TheRoseRevived by Seatrout Scraps
JanuaryJazz Template Set 3
Photos by kpmelly


And than the next: a special Collection for all the wonderful people with medical desease living around us - created by SeatroutScraps and Mandy King in their special cooperation: Across the Pond

I was happy that Rachel sent me some photos from Erika, to scrap her success eating with a spoon
Special Scrapkit
by Across-the-pond (alias SeatroutScraps & MandyKing)
Photo by RachelPearce

But the last but not the least of my Seatrout Scrap - Newes for you, is her newest GGI-Collection BarafundleBay. Always when I see so wonderful beach kits, I get sad that we are not at the sea more often...

Scrapkit BarafundleBay by Seatrout Scraps
Photo by kpmelly

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