Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

OctoberBuffet @ Gingerscraps

Yes, it´s really true.... The last quarter of the year has started. Time for Harvest and Autumn und Halloween and - and - and...
So let´s have a look, here are the BuffetItems of my lovely designers SeatroutScraps and LittleRadTrio:

At first the Halloween-themend one by LittleRadTrio: My other ride is a broom

And my little Layout using an older photo of my little witch Nathalie:

Scrapkit My other ride is a Broom
by LittleRadTrio
TemplatePack PARTYPIECES by SeatroutScraps & CraftTastrophic
Photo by kpmelly (2006)

And than the "MAN//MEN" themend Buffet-Collection of SeatroutScraps: BOY´S NIGHT OUT

And my little tribute, showing our innkeeper / landlord ( I hope that´s the right translation for the german word: GASTWIRT ;D )

BoysNightOut by SeatroutScraps
Template & Kit
Photo by kpmelly

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