Freitag, 4. September 2015

Write now

Hey there, are you a "Journal-Scrapper"?!? Than you will find the PERFECT templates to use at SeatroutScraps Shop at GingerScraps or GottaPixel (wherever YOU like it more):

I am normally not a real "journaler" - but this time I took the chance and did a little journaling about german shepards - or better MY german shepard :D

WriteNowTemplate by SeatroutScraps
Scrapkits Serendipity & SimplePleasure SeatroutScraps
Photo by kpmelly

But - YES, you can need them even when you don´t like it to write so much on a page. These templates are perfect to use as large-photo-layouts as I did here with OCEANDRIVE, another gorgeous kit of SeatroutScraps

WriteNowTemplate by SeatroutScraps
Scrapkit Oceandrive by SeatroutScraps
Photos by kpmelly

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