Sonntag, 2. August 2015

BuffetTime @GingerScraps

Today I will post the buffet stuff from Seatrout Scraps and LittleRadTrio in just ONE post. Not because they did a collab, but they didn´t like the august colours - BOTH...

But as really good designers, the do really good work - have a look at my pages. Could I have done them in this way without their amazing designs?!?

Let´s start with my page using some buffet items of SeatroutScraps:

SeatroutScraps AugustBuffet
Fruits of the forest

And than: LittleRadTrio - at first Jennifer only wanted to do some templates. She did. And I did my pages. But - at last there was a buffet kit too, so I did more pages ;)
So here are my pages with LittleRadTrio ´s templates and several different kits

Template IndianSummer by LittleRadTrio
Scrapkit My Wish by LittleRadTrio
Photo by kpmelly (2004)

Template IndianSummer by LittleRadTrio
Scrapkits My Wish and TheLegend by LittleRadTrio
Photo by kpmelly (2004)

Template IndianSummer 
& Scrapkit 
Peace&Tranquility by LittleRadTrio
Photo by kpmelly

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